Aimee Parker

Owner, Precision Media and Designs

Precision Media and Designs is an advertising agency that positions businesses in front of their right audience members by using Facebook advertising to close the Black-white wealth gap in America. Precision Media and Designs agency also offers Facebook advertising coaching and consulting to better equip Black and brown business owners with the skillset to run ads on their own.

The $5,000 CBBB grant has allowed us to start a contract for building our Facebook Ads app that will make Facebook advertising available for all business owners, regardless of financial status. Once completed, with the help of an experienced app developer, users can easily edit the content of their advert and it provides an opportunity to develop and create content that can better relate their services to their target customers. The funds also allowed us to establish a customer relationship management (CRM) system to build a better relationship with our customers, offer prompt assistance to our clients, and have more potential to increase sales. The grant also helped us promote our services through more advanced and precise internet marketing and update our website to drive more traffic to our site and improve the user experience.

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