Bronwyn Morgan

Owner, Xeo Air

Xeo Air is an outsourced AI-based drone service, data analytics, and autonomous mission management portal for enterprise inspection and mapping. We focus on critical infrastructure sectors such as telecom, utilities, energy, catastrophic response, civil infrastructure, and climate/environmental observation. We make drone missions easy to execute and data accessible to keep infrastructure up and running.

The $5,000 grant helped us with equipment purchases, marketing spending, web platform improvements, and small operations/administrative costs. This came at a critical time for us and helped us create a productive first quarter sales strategy. Additionally, we were tapped for media coverage, which aids us in amplifying our message. This was unexpected and delightful. This kind of press access adds exponential value that reaches well beyond the financial award.

The enhancement grant will support us with crucial costs to propel our growth forward for 2022, including hiring more pilots, investing in SEO marketing, unmanned air vehicle (UAV) purchases, critical sensors for utility inspection, web platform improvements, rent, additional insurance, data storage, and more.

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