Dennis Talbert

Chief Visionary Officer, Be-Moor Radio, L3C

Be-Moor Radio is a new communications company designed to reach and impact the millennial generation. The company was founded in 2015 through a collaboration with the Brightmoor Community Center in Detroit, which is located in of one the most challenged neighborhoods in the U.S. Be-Moor Radio is committed to social enterprise for change. The organization is guided by an intergenerational Board of Directors who operate with a double bottom line to both generate revenue but also advocate, engage and support transformative change in the lives of millennials in Brightmoor.

“The Coalition to Back Black Businesses grant helped us maintain our staff and develop additional programs that will ultimately produce new sources of revenue for the station. Additionally, we were able to significantly expand our audience and reach countries outside the United States. Our bi-weekly meeting with our mentor has been eye-opening, resource gathering, and more importantly, informational, particularly as it relates to creating a financially-centered business.”

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