Ernest Gass

Owner, Ballersworld

Ballersworld is an event venture centered around basketball that brings unique event experiences to the world of a baller, their friends/families, and fans, while also supplying them with the hottest streetwear apparel.

The $5,000 business grant was a blessing. I was not only able to polish Ballersworld with a much more professional image (logo redesign and website), but I was able to acquire my venue – Patriots Point – for this year’s Battle on the Deck. Battle on the Deck is a 3 on 3 basketball tournament hosted by Ballersworld on the flight deck of USS Yorktown (a retired navy ship-turned museum). We have been on a hiatus since the pandemic and when my type of events were allowed back on board in 2022, the prices were raised steeply. This grant has allowed for this event to take place.

The grant also allowed me to found a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in conjunction with Ballersworld, called “Ballersworld Global Foundation.” This grant took care of fees associated with founding a nonprofit, logo design, web design, etc. With Ballersworld Global I have created initiatives that will not only be pandemic-proof, but will coincide with Ballersworld LLC. This grant has allowed me to set a proper foundation.

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