Kimberly Smith

Owner, Eighth+Kin

Eighth+Kin (formerly Marjani Beauty) launched in January 2017 as the first online beauty retailer exclusively curating Black and brown-owned beauty brands. Today, Eighth+Kin is an innovative, upscale retail space located in downtown Washington, DC that serves as a sanctuary for women of color to find community, network, learn, and shop for beauty.

“The Coalition to Back Black Businesses program represents a crucial step in providing much-needed support to Black entrepreneurs in the form of financial capital and opportunities to uplift and empower through mentorship and programming. The enhancement grant will provide the necessary financial support to invest in key areas, such as marketing, product development, and talent acquisition. This grant will enable me to expand my reach, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the overall competitiveness of my business. Moreover, it will validate the value of my work and open doors to potential partnerships and collaborations, fueling long-term growth and sustainability.”

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