Kymme Williams-Davis

Owner, Bushwick Grind Cafe

Bushwick Grind Cafe is a specialty coffee shop and full-service cafe offering healthier food options in an area overly saturated with fast food restaurants. We are obsessed with the wellness and enrichment of our community and participate in many initiatives toward those goals.

“The Coalition to Back Black Businesses has been extremely beneficial to my business. The real gem in the program is the education, networking, and toolset. As a small, local mom-and-pop shop there are very little opportunities to have access to diverse industry leaders. This program provides an avalanche of thought leadership in many different disciplines. Being awarded the enhancement grant will have a tangible and long-standing impact on the future of Bushwick Grind Cafe. Because of this funding, many of our growth strategies can be implemented sooner than forecasted and/or more efficiently.”

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