Mary L. Webber

Owner, L&R Human Resource Consulting, LLC

L&R Human Resource Consulting offers certified, skilled human resource professionals to provide personal development training (i.e. diversity and inclusion, workplace culture, harassment), leadership coaching, policy creation & revisions, handbook creations, onsite HR investigations, HR compliance audits, and stress management solutions to small and corporate businesses. Additionally, the company gives back by providing free community-based services, free resume writing services, mock interview training, and job readiness classes to select non-profit agencies.

“The Coalition to Back Black Businesses has impacted my business thus far by vastly increasing my ability to purchase training computers, supplies, and equipment needed to pivot to virtual training and development options. Having a mentor has also given me the ability to enhance my business concept, increase advertising/marketing strategies, and streamline my target market to increase profitability. I plan on using this enhancement grant to gain greater knowledge in the social media marketing arena. Additionally, it will help me provide job readiness sessions to more non-profit agencies to empower those underserved individuals in local communities to compete for job openings with heightened self-confidence.”

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