Melissa Hyles

Owner, Oak Tree Financial and Tax Services

Oak Tree Financial and Tax Services is a hard-working, family-owned financial services firm based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Established in 1994 by our late father Francis Hyles, Oak Tree Services has over 25+ years of experience and provides clients with easily digestible information regarding their finances. The company specializes in personal and business tax returns and other financial services that help businesses get on financial track.

“The Coalition to Back Black Businesses gave us an opportunity to re-invest back into our business through marketing and advertising. With the first grant of $5,000, we were able to update our website, which allowed us to have a much more visible presence on the internet. The website helped us become more inviting to new customers by allowing them to see who we are as a family-owned business. The mentorship services allowed us the opportunity to dig deep and look at all the aspects of our business from a different point of view. We plan on using the enhancement grant to continue investing in marketing, continued education, a second location, and providing a mentorship program so that we can give back the same way that we were given to.”

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