Nekia Hattley

Owner, My Daddy's Recipes LLC

My Daddy’s Recipes is a South Central plant-based food and wellness company that serves wellness Kryptonite to alleviate preventable diseases that haunt the Black and brown community. Simply put, we make good for you taste good. We sell retail prepackaged foods online at our website, farmers’ markets, supermarkets, restaurants, coffee and tea houses. We also offer virtual and in-person cooking courses and create wellness events and retreats.

The grant helped us create our new logo and allowed us to purchase products and supplies to produce inventory. Because of COVID-19, the price of all raw goods has gone up – in some cases, three times as much, and the additional funds helped cover the cost of our raw goods. The grant helped and is still helping us by paying for a monthly program that allows us to figure out and print out nutritional facts. In short, this program is helping us become store ready. The funding also helped us with payroll, costs of kitchen rent, and to purchase new kitchen equipment, which enabled me to make larger batches and reduced kitchen time. It allowed us to film our first episode of our online cooking show. It helped pay booth fees at the farmers’ markets where we sell our goods. The grant funding also helped me pay for the enrollment in a certified vegan nutritional course that I am taking now so I can become more knowledgeable and more of a resource for my community.

The $5,000 grant was a blessing, it meant someone saw my dream and believed enough in it and in me to invest capital to aid in my growth. This support encourages me to keep growing, learning, and going.

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