Phillip Hall

Owner, Panoramic Learning Academy, LLC

Panoramic Learning Academy (PLA) serves children ages 2-5 years old by providing a well-rounded, eclectic academic program that includes science, art, movement, music, practical life skills, and language development. Socially, our goal is two-fold: teach the students to have a healthy respect for each other and teach them how to be a friend and how to sustain that friendship while being kind, thoughtful, and compassionate to others.

The $5,000 CBBB grant had numerous impacts on our business. The grant allowed us to purchase all-weather outdoor flooring for the students’ play area to provide a safe environment that meets the regulations of the county and supply laptops for the students to become more acclimated to learning via technology. The funds implemented the creation of Professor Snook, a STEM character created to peak students’ interest in science. We also ordered PLA and Professor Snook logos used to produce merchandise such as t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, hats, envelopes, business cards, and letterhead with the new logos. Finally, we were able to send a small donation to Bananas, the childcare hub of Alameda County, to assist the less fortunate in locating childcare.

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