Ronald Holloway

Owner, Woofbowl LLC

Woofbowl is a food truck exclusively for canines serving holistic fast food-style themed dog treats: burgers, nuggets, ice cream donuts, dog beer, and more. These street food icons delight dogs with the most authentic and enjoyable foodie experience.

The $5,000 Coalition to Back Black Businesses grant had a remarkable impact on Woofbowl. The grant helped us reaffirm the American dream and the American promise. In an industry that was once labeled “The Whitest in America,” we are creating parity and adding to an economy that is a truly inclusive experience. We have strengthened our messaging, maintained our staff, added wholesale, and increased community engagement by taking on partnerships more intangibly lucrative than tangibly. What every dollar of investment means for Woofbowl cannot be calculated or articulated. There is something very special happening.

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