Tina White

Owner, Tina’s Tires LLC

Tina’s Tires is a full-service tire supplier, preventative maintenance provider, and automotive repair center for on-road vehicles and trucks, offering all the critical maintenance services needed for personal vehicles and fleets to remain reliable and high-performing. Tina’s Tires is uniquely positioned as the first and only Black woman with dealer agreements in the U.S. for the tire, oil, and lubricant brands we carry. We sell only to large corporate and government agencies and are MWBE, DBE, ACDBE, WOSB-certified, and Hub Zoned. Our business model allows us to significantly impact DEI spending for large corporations with trucks and aircraft fleets such as UPS, AT&T, Amazon, Georgia Power, Coca Cola, Estes, Old Dominion, Walmart, Comcast, and Vistra Corp, to name a few. Further, all new contracts allow Tina’s Tires to hire people in underrepresented communities who will have sustainable wages starting at $21 per hour and can receive counseling on strengthening credit, customer service skills, financial literacy, and first-time homeownership.

Tina’s Tires used the $5,000 grant to partially offset the purchase of a tire forklift press, which positioned us to gain new business – estimated to provide an additional $50,000 annually by replacing the distribution centers’ material handling forklift tires. Further, CBBB’s national media campaign during Black History Month 2022 for Tina’s Tires resulted in SIXT Rent A Car contacting us. Now, we are in the process of signing a seven-year contract with them to provide tires and services for their locations in International Airports in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and North Carolina. As the founder, CEO, and sole owner of Tina’s Tires, I am humbled by CBBB’s support.

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