Tonnie Rozier

Owner, Tonnie’s Minis

Tonnie’s Minis is a retail/wholesale bakery established in 2004 in New York City, and is currently located in downtown Newark, NJ, where it supplies corporate America, residential, and wholesale accounts throughout the state of New Jersey. Its mission has always been to make the world smile with one cupcake at a time, and recently took part in one of its largest donations in the city of Newark. Team Tonnie’s Minis volunteered their time and supplied 10,000 cupcakes to graduating students of 2020.

“We remained open to the hope of new horizons and within one year, we look back and we are on our way. Initially the Coalition to Back Black Businesses started out with a great opportunity for me to keep my mind focused on business when business appeared to come to a halt. But instead, it opened me up to a new world to discuss, share, learn, and grow my business amongst my peers. Mentorship is truly the key to success, but without access, small business often remains stagnant. The CBBB offered me the best of all of the above, in addition to the access and training, it’s kept my mind sharp and fiscally allowed my company to keep moving forward during a time when many businesses – including Tonnie’s Minis – could only imagine what may be next.”

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